Crooked Hillary

With every passing day it's becoming apparent that Americans are fixing to elect the most corrupt person to ever occupy the Oval Office.  Hillary Clinton is a shake down artist who used her position as Secretary of State to solicit and accept money for the Clinton Foundation in return for favors.  Anyone with a brain can see that is obvious.  Her sidekick Huma who is still married to one of the biggest perverts in the country was a willing pawn in the shake down racket.  Hillary we be elected because her Republican opponent (for now) is a crazy person.  I would venture to bet that the majority of the folks who pull the lever for Hillary will really be voting against Trump.  What a horrible situation!!!!  

Disgusting People

There seems to be an over abundance of disgusting people mouthing off this election season.  Of course Donald Trump is in a class of his own but some of his surrogates are making a run at being as obnoxious. Take Rudy Guiliani who in a speech yesterday declared that there were no terrorists attacks in the US until Obama became president.  Well the former mayor of NYC must be going completely senile since he left out 9-11. How could he do that??? It was his claim to fame!!  Lately when I see Guiliani on TV is looks completely deranged. He is truly a disgusting person!!!!  

The Corrupt Clintons

The recent disclosures that Hillary Clinton was essentially selling influence at the State Department in return for "donations" to the Clinton Foundation comes as no surprise to me.  Going all the way back to Bill and Hillary's involvement in Whitewater the Clintons have always looked at ways to make a buck.  Remember Hillary's dabbling in cattle futures that made her $200,000 overnight?  However, these latest revelations about her using pay for play at State is truly disgusting and should along with so other many things disqualify her from ever being president.  Too bad her opponent is a lunatic who is totally deranged and so stupid that he can't even properly use these latest revelations against her to the fullest extent.  Any other Republican candidate for president would beat Hillary in a landslide.  The scary thing is that if even more emails come out suggesting, indeed proving, Hillary is a thief the lunatic may win.  Indeed, it's amazing how close Trump still is considering his stupidity and inept campaign.   It's because people hate Hillary.  The Clintons are corrupt white trash.

A totally disgusting repulsive woman

The MSM loves to focus on how horrible Donald Trump is as a candidate.  Can't disagree much with that.  However, they manage to give Hillary a pass on most issues.  She is a compulsive liar who is incapable it seems of telling the truth about anything.  She is a falling apart old bag who should be home enjoying her grandkids instead of trying to be president.  The media loves to concentrate on Trump's mental health.  What about Hillary?  How sick is she in attempting to be president when she very obviously in bad health.  Can't even walk up a small flight of stairs with the help of two men. She is obsessed with being the first woman president.  Now we learn that she has the endorsement of the father of the monster who killed 49 people in Orlando.  Not only that the man gets a prominent place in her campaign rally.  How sick is that?  And how sick is it that so many gay folks support her? Hopefully she will drop dead soon after the election so that Tim Kaine can be president.  A much better alternative.

The Most Boring Show on Earth

Television viewership for this year's Olympics is at a twelve year low.  No surprise here.  I attempted to watch the opening ceremonies on Friday night but had to turn them off because there was a commercial every eight minutes. During the ensuing weekend I channel surfed and when the Olympics came on I laughed out loud. What was on?  Women's rugby!!  Just what I wanted to see.  Indeed, at another point there was a ping pong match on.  Really this shit is ridiculous.  What these days doesn't quality as an Olympic sport?  What nonsense.  I'm sure the original Greeks are turning in their graves.

Hey Fat Slob You are a Loser!!!

The Fat Slob of the Garden State must be feeling blue these days.  He was the first Republican to back Crazy Donald.  He hoped he would be picked for Vice President and got passed over but he still continued to pick up Trump's dry cleaning hoping for Attorney General.  He must be feeling pretty depressed now that Trump is imploding and may end up in an institution and not the Oval Office.  Poor Fat Slob.  He has no prospects.  LOL Oh wait the Bridgegate trials start next month!!!  Maybe prison???  We can only hope.

Mr. Khan’s 15 Minutes

This Khan man is getting his 15 minutes of fame.  I'm sick of hearing from him.  Who gives him the right to be lecturing us on what is moral? I feel very badly that he lost a son in Iraq.  Donald Trump was not responsible for that. Put the blame on the doorstep of George Bush who started a needless war that killed thousands of military men and civilians.  Blame Hillary Clinton for voting to authorize the war. In the community in which I now live many parents lost children when Muslims flew planes into the World Trade Center.  They still feel the pain but they have moved on with their lives.  The Khan's son was in the military.  He enlisted and assumed the danger.  The people in the World Trade Center on that September morning were not expecting what happened.  Trump is a disgusting person who should not be president but I don't need lectures from Mr. Khan to remind me of that!!  You had your 15 minutes now go away.