Country First

This presidential election is certainly one for the books!!!  It now seems that Donald Trump could actually be elected president of the United States.   The rest of the world is laughing at us.  Deriding the USA for even considering this man fit to be president.  Of course the rest of the world has a solid point but here at home Trump is proving to have collected a following of people who are in fact DEPLORABLE.  Many of his supporters are avowed racists.  Trump is the darling of the white supremist movement.  Many of his followers are all they things that Hillary said they were.  I personally think people should be given an intelligence test before they are allowed to vote.  The Trump supporters are delusional and angry and they will vote.  Therein lies the problem for Hillary, the nation, and the world.!   The mob loves "The Donald".

Folks Trump being elected would be a disaster for anyone invested in the stock market.  His economic understanding is minimal at best and downright scary at worst.  Your IRA's will tank.  If he starts trade wars our economy will be gravely injured.  So readers should understand that  we are a nation at great risk.  And some of us may just have to do the unthinkable in November.  Country first for me.


A Dry Run??

The bombings in the NYC area are significant in the choice of targets.  Not much opportunity for carnage on the Jersey Shore or in Chelsea.  I fear the terrorists are doing research for a bigger operation.  Checking out response times.  I have a really bad feeling about this folks.

The “OZ” Election

How fitting.  Donald Trump goes on the Dr. "OZ" to talk about his health.  He is overweight and trending toward obesity.  He is 70 years old.  He should not be president because at 70 all systems seem to misfire at times.  It's fact.  At 70 a person starts losing brain cells and heaven knows Trump can't  afford that!!!  Of course Hillary is a mess. She disgusts me.  She should step aside and let Tim Kaine run.  He would easily defeat Trump.  Doesn't she have any patriotic feelings???  By her staying in she risks losing to the likes of Trump thereby endangering the entire planet.  Does she just care about her ambition.  The polls are showing a big shift to Trump.  Most people don't like you Hillary.  Many hate you.  Get over it!!!  Get out!!!!!!

Morning Sickness

Really folks Morning Joe has become totally unhinged.  This stupid air head Mika looks like she need heavy meds (she may be doing them already).  She just HATES Trump now after licking his ass for nearly nine months.  She fed him questions at a Town Hall meeting. She loved Trump.  Now she is acting like a jilted jealous bitch and it shows!!  As for Scarborough he is beneath contempt.  So full of his own brilliance, but in reality he is a political moron.  The show has become unwatchable.

Get Real Girl!!!

By all accounts Hillary Clinton is well established financially.  She now has two grand children.  Lovely homes.  In sum, Hillary at age 68 could have a nice life.  Instead, in spite of obvious signs of illness and episodes of medical problems dating back at least two years she has embarked on one of the most grueling tasks in the world running for president of the USA.  Not to mention that if you actually win the demands of the job age younger people greatly.  Look at Obama and what has happened to his hair in eight years.  Are the American people going to be comfortable with a Commander in Chief that faints at outdoor events?

During the past several weeks the Far Right media has been going to town on Hillary's health issues and they were widely derided by the main stream media as being conspiracy theorists. Now suddenly they seem vindicated and Hillary's health now become a campaign issue.  To make matters worse the Clinton campaign lied as to the pneumonia issue saying her fainting was the result of the hot and humid weather.  The old bag must really be sick because she is skipping fund raising in California the next two days and we all know how much she loves a good fund raiser.  Then again maybe she should rest and contemplate whether it was smart to insult millions of Trump supporters.  After all once you are president don't you have to try and be nice to all Americans?  You can dish specific people but how in the world can you insult that many people?

Hillary Clinton should get real.  She does not have the stamina to be president.  Some 70 year folks are in good shape but by that age nearly all these people have some medical issues.  I know I do.  Indeed, Hillary's continued quest for the presidency so as to assure her place in history as the first female president at least to my opinion suggests that Hillary has her share of mental issues.  Trump is not the only sick candidate for president.  We obviously have two.

The Consolation Prize

The horror of a Trump victory on election day (although I still think it won't happen) would be to see Hillary Clinton, with slick Willie by her side, deliver a concession speech.  It would be a wonderful moment to see this corrupt and wicked woman stand humiliated with a loss to Trump.  She should also bring all those old bag women Senators who so ardently backed her.  It would be a wonderful moment.