I hope Marco Rubio Loses

The presidential race is over and Hillary will be the next president.  The Donald has proven to be just too crazy to be elected.  Any other Republican would have saved us from the corruption and drama that is sure to evolve over the next four years (assuming she remains alive).  Thus I have taken to looking at the Senate races for some competitive relief from the sure landslide for Hillary.  In Florida Marco Rubio is trying to retain his Senate seat after initially saying he wouldn't run while trying and miserably failing to get the GOP nod.  Little Marco (and boy that was one of Trump's most apt insults) said he was bored with the Senate and to prove that had one of the worst attendance records in the chamber.  However, after being rejected by Republican primary voters he decided he likes the Senate well enough to change his mind and run.  Rubio is thus the poster boy for political expediency and he disgusts me.  I sincerely hope all my friends and relatives in Florida reject him next month and send Little Marco into the job market to find some real work and elect his opponent who will actually show up and work for the people.

After the Fall

Been hard pressed to post in recent weeks since I'm overwhelmed by a deep depression concerning this presidential election.  Two horrible people running to be our nation's leader.  One is a corrupt conniving money hungry criminal woman and the other is a total lunatic.  No point in trying to reconstruct about how this happened.  The reality is one of them will be elected president in two weeks.  The likely winner is Hillary. She will most probably win in a romp.  My biggest concern is what happens after the election.

Trump's followers are passionate and totally convinced that the system is rigged.  In many ways they are right particularly when it comes to white working class males who have been treated like shit for many years now.  They will be really pissed when Trump loses.  While many in the media are openly dismissive of these people they have legitimate grievances.  The world has for them been spinning out of control.  Their factories have moved overseas.  Their way of life is finished.  They are angry and they should be.  How will these folks accept the election when Trump loses is a serious question.

The Disgusting Corrupt Media

The only winner in this year's Presidential election is the mainstream media.  They are making a ton of money.  They created Donald Trump as a legitimate candidate covering all his crap with total glee.  Ratings soared and so did Trump's poll numbers against a bevy of much more qualified GOP candidates.  Of course besides making money off Trump's persona the media desperately wanted him as the candidate against Hillary.  They knew full well that the only person she could beat was him.  You have to be totally naive to believe that all the stuff now coming out about Trump was not known long before now.  The media could have used it during the primaries but they were saving it to help Hillary.  To be sure, Trump is unfit to be president but so is Hillary.  She is a corrupt liar of the highest order but she is a darling of the media.  The country is the biggest loser in this election.  We could have had a decent man like John Kasich as the Republican nominee who would have beaten Hillary in a landslide but the media created Trump so Hillary could win.  Disgusting.

He Still Could Win

Readers know that I am no fan of Trump.  Indeed, I believe he should never have been nominated and is totally unqualified to be president. Following the first debate in which he took the bait from Hillary about that moronic Miss Universe Trump embarked on a twitter rampage that spoke volumes about his temperament and fitness to sit in the Oval Office.  Still the polls while showing Clinton got a spike in the past week are not sufficiently strong for Hillary that she is guaranteed to win the White House,  Indeed, it is quite possible that Trump can still win.  Why is that?  Simple folks.  Hillary is despised by so many people that in the end this election could come down to a referendum on her.  To be sure, if it was a referendum on Trump she should be leading by 20 points right now.  She is not because she is a corrupt and deceptive person who people just don't like or trust and when people get behind that curtain on Election Day they will be very reluctant to vote for her.

The truth is Hillary should be in jail.  Obama has totally covered for her which is a disgrace.  In the past I have thought well of Obama but his willingness to turn the presidency over to a criminal has left me very bitter toward him and his legacy.  He told Biden not to run so this witch would get her turn.  What have the Clintons promised Obama?  If in fact she wins we will likely find out.

Fat Girls

Leave it to the Clinton machine to come up with the fact that 20 years ago Donald Trump evidently called a Miss Universe winner " Miss Piggy" after she packed on lots of pounds after winning her crown. Really folks who cares?  Is this a real issue in the presidential campaign? I personally would have like to hear more about things like gun control or climate change. However, the Clinton cretins wants to establish the fact that Trump is a misogynist because Hillary is not doing as well as expected with women.  The Clintons disgust me.