Brilliant Con Man

You got to hand it to President elect Tweet.  He knows how to play people like fools like a true show man.  At times in the past few weeks I think I must be living in a nightmare of an alternative universe.  Tweet is acting like the mafia boss that I'm sure he admires.  He is rumored to adore the Sopranos.  Tweet's economic policy is threatening private companies with government revenge if they do the horrible thing of acting in the best interest of their shareholders. Dangerous in my opinion. Very scary as well.  The Carrier thing was a terrible deal but the idiot public apparently ate it up.  He then took his bow and staged a rally acting like the demagogue that he is!!

The big con just keeps getting bigger

I wonder how all those rubes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania like the Wall Street billionaires being named to Trumps cabinet?  After lambasting Hillary over her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs the new Secretary of the Treasury will be a former partner at the vilified firm.  Moreover Trumps other picks so far all seem to have one qualification in common: being filthy rich and having ties to Wall Street.  All the bullshit rhetoric of "draining the swamp" was a total lie just like most of the crap our President-elect con man spouted during the campaign.  

Why are they so upset?

President-elect Tweet and his ugly campaign manager Kellyanne Twit and going ballistic over the prospect of a recount of votes in Wisconsin and potentially in two other states.  The recounts are being initiated by Green Party nominee Jill Stein with some backing from the Clinton campaign.  Indeed, President-elect Dumbass is working himself into a frenzy objecting to the recounts.  Of course the real reason he is so upset is that Hillary beat him in the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.  Dumbass contended at first that if he had campaigned in places like California and New York he would have won the popular vote. Yesterday in an even more bizarre twist Dumbass said he actually won the popular vote if you deduct from Hillary all the votes that were illegally cast for her!!  Not a shred of evidence to support that claim!!!!  What I find interesting is the level of anger about the recount effort.  Why are they so upset?  Perhaps they know something they are trying to hide?  Perhaps the Russians did engage in some hacking in key states to help their pal Dumbass.  

Turkey of the Year Award

Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition of naming the turkey for the feast after the most stupid and ridiculous character of the past year. The award is given to the person who has screwed up the most and made a fool of themselves.  This competition is often stiff because so many people are usually in contention.  However, this year the choice was an obvious one.  Hillary Clinton is the turkey of the year!!! She once again proved to the world that her bad judgments and hubris results in disaster.  After all who else could lose an election to the likes of Donald Trump thereby setting the stage for possible worldwide disaster?

 Leading in the polls by a comfortable margin two weeks before the election she decided to campaign in places like Arizona and Texas while never making one stop in Wisconsin.  Her bad decision making allowed a political moron like Randy Mook to run the campaign,  Of course her bad decision making which really hurt was setting up a private email server out of her house which proved to be her ultimate undoing.  Choosing to campaign with celebrities in the final days instead of going to Michigan and mingling with the common folk was an outrageous display of bad decision making.  

As readers know I have never been a fan of Hillary dating back a long time. And perhaps it's unfair to just blame Hillary for losing the election since the entire Democrat party is at fault for rigging the primary process in her favor.  All those post menopausal women demanded she be the candidate and they got her and now they have the most anti-woman president in modern history.  Well perhaps Hillary will take comfort in breaking the turkey of the year glass ceiling.  She is the first woman to achieve that status!!  Congratulations Hillary!!!

President Tweet

Readers of this blog have know that I regularly refer to the Governor of New Jersey as "The Fat Slob".  The reason for that nickname is very evident.  Well as of today Donald Trump will henceforth be known as "President Tweet".  Indeed, President-elect Tweet's penchant for ranting on Twitter is legendary.  Some folks had hoped that once he became president he would refrain from "tweeting" his thoughts.  Alas that is apparently not in the cards as evidenced by this weekend's tweets concerning the Broadway show Hamilton.  Please somebody wake me up from this bad dream.

The Trump Transition

Trump won and now those people that supported him are hoping that their lives will improve.  Still those of us who questioned his qualifications for the hardest job in the world are left with a very uneasy feeling about the future.  Those feelings have not not been ameliorated by the events of the past few days which suggest Trump's transition team is in total disarray.  Chaos apparently is ruling the day at Trump Tower and the President-elect has already taken to late night twitter rants to defend the way things are going despite all evidence to the contrary.  Apparently Trump's son in law is using the transition to settle old scores and is not giving a hoot about qualifications.  Watch out for this Jared Kushner folks, he has all the makings of the next Rasputin.  He is leading the purge. 

Then you have the people Trump has already named to positions of power and those he is considering for the cabinet.  Naming Steve Bannon as key strategist is chilling.  Just take one look at the guy and you know he is way off.  The talk that Rudy Giuliani could be Secretary of State is beyond horrible. During the campaign Giuliani morphed into a eye popping lunatic and looked deranged most of the time.  His obvious racist attitudes should disqualify him from any position let alone the State Department.  Then as the icing on the cake there is talk of Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior. Does it get any worse than that?

I was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but the last few days really have me concerned.  I don't believe these street demonstrations are helping. They are playing right into Trump's hand and making his die hard supporters happy they voted for him.  These folks in my opinion won't be too happy a year from now.  Let these clowns think Trump is their savior.  They will be very disappointed.  

The Democrats Death Wish

Many of my progressive friends are in a total meltdown about the election of Donald Trump.  To be sure, these are perilous times and the prospect of Trump leading the nation is very troubling.  Even more troubling to me are the people being mentioned to be part of the Administration.  How did things get to this point?  Well for starters the Democrat establishment pushed Hillary Clinton down our throats.  The likes of Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile rigged the primaries not giving Bernie any chance.  The had to have a "woman".  In poetic justice looked who they got!!  I know for a fact that Democrats who wanted to work for Martin O'Malley were warned about what would happen to them if they backed him,  They would be ruined.  O'Malley would of won easily against Trump. Hillary Clinton received 6 million less votes than Obama got in 2012.  She ran an awful campaign giving no positive reasons to vote for her.  Instead of shoring up her base in states like Michigan and Wisconsin (she didn't have one event in the Badger State) her campaign touted their chances in Arizona and Texas.  That was always nonsense and a position based on hubris.  Hillary gave no positive reasons to vote for her.  But the Democrats got their woman and now the country is in peril.

Now to make matters even worse some Democrats are pushing to have Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison to be chair of the DNC.  Just what they need a black Muslim.  That will go over big in middle America.  The Democrats increasingly look like a party with a death wish.  They lost more state legislatures in this election and more governors chairs.  Unless they can find a way to appeal to many of the people who voted for Trump out of frustration the Democrats will be a relic of our political past.