KellyAnne and the Microwave

It's really been hard to post lately because the current level  of outrageously bad political scripts is just too overwhelming.  I dare to say that this political malaise affects many of my readers as well.  Trump is a dangerously mentally ill man who walks around with the nuclear codes. He is mentally unstable to say the least.  He is surrounded by creeps that have created a new level of .  Steve Bannon is a dark and ominous figure of Biblical proportions. This Steven Miller character is a mirror image of many Nazi Youth leaders.  Its' a horror and hard to writ about..

Still there is always Kellyanne to give you a laugh.  I love Kellyanne.  She must be on heavy duty meds.  It's hard to comprehend  things like the" Bowling Green" massacre and alternative facts but I'm sure we can all attest to Ms. Conway's latest claim that Obama was spying on Trump through the microwave in his apartment.  Aren't we all afraid that our microwaves are spying  on us. I think it's time for Ms. Conway to appear on TV wearing a tin foil hat!!! Beam me up Scottie!!! 

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