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Evergreen Energy – Mahoney Bails Out

In another middle of the night PR Evergreen Energy (EEE) announced the resignation of  Miles Mahoney as President.  Mahoney was only at EEE since April 2009 but apparently got wise pretty quickly to what was going on at the company.  In the past couple of weeks EEE had been actively traded and at one point reached $0.26 cents.  The surge had no basis in fact or fundamentals and just continues a pattern of manipulation that had been the rule for years.  Maybe this time it has something to do with two Canadian based "research" firms initiating coverage of EEE, and some ridiculous internet rumors being bandied about.  This sham company has absolutely nothing going for it and Mahoney knew it and so should any serious investor.

Obama just doesn’t get it!

One of the key reasons that I'm bearish long term on the stock market is the fact that Barack Obama is turning into a disaster and the political risk in the USA is now at a very high level with the extreme right getting more attention than it deserves. I voted for the man and given the alternative at the time I can't say I would take the vote back.  However, Obama's failure to even remotely exert leasdership qualities, while behaving like an elite snob will set the course of progressive change in this country back for many years.  The linked article says it very well.