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Getting Serious

Well folks the traditional wisdom holds that politics only gets serious post Labor Day.  People are back from vacation, kids back in school and the flow of life returns to normal.  Supposedly this "normal" includes voters taking the presidential race more seriously however in this year of putrid candidates that may prove elusive at best.  By all accounts the Queen of Corruption, Hillary Clinton, will win pretty handily come November.  Her advantage in the electoral college is clear and she has tons of ill gotten gains in the bank.  She should win in a walk but I don't think she will.  Yes she probably will squeak by and achieve her cherished goal of being the first woman to be president.  Still Trump is proving to be the energizer bunny running around the country doing rallies while Hillary is busy taking naps.  Indeed this may reflect the fact that she is not well.  Yesterday's big coughing attack in Ohio did nothing to quiet the rumors that she is seriously ill. 

So it's quite possible that this election may give us a big surprise.  I still intend to vote for Gary Johnson although the likelihood of him appearing in the first debate is now remote and this will surely hurt his chances of being a real factor.  It's clear that tons of people hate Hillary and if that emotion does make it's way into the voting booths come November we might be in for a surprise.

Mr. Khan’s 15 Minutes

This Khan man is getting his 15 minutes of fame.  I'm sick of hearing from him.  Who gives him the right to be lecturing us on what is moral? I feel very badly that he lost a son in Iraq.  Donald Trump was not responsible for that. Put the blame on the doorstep of George Bush who started a needless war that killed thousands of military men and civilians.  Blame Hillary Clinton for voting to authorize the war. In the community in which I now live many parents lost children when Muslims flew planes into the World Trade Center.  They still feel the pain but they have moved on with their lives.  The Khan's son was in the military.  He enlisted and assumed the danger.  The people in the World Trade Center on that September morning were not expecting what happened.  Trump is a disgusting person who should not be president but I don't need lectures from Mr. Khan to remind me of that!!  You had your 15 minutes now go away.

Saint Hillary

In case you didn't know it Hillary Clinton is a saint!!  Indeed, the hot rumor this morning is that Pope Francis will be flying in from Rome tomorrow to attend the DNC and will declare that besides being the first woman to be nominated for president Hillary will also be the first non Catholic that will be considered for sainthood upon her passing.  After all Hillary's credentials are far superior to those of Mother Teresa.  She is a walking example of love and kindness and forgiveness.  She is particularly good on the last point having forgiven her husband on numerous occasions for having sleazy affairs.  Hillary's life is just full of examples of her generosity particularly to Wall Street where she has given so many tax breaks.   She is a tireless champion of change and love of her fellow man.  Just ask Vince Forster.  Oh I forgot he's dead!!!  But of course Saint Hillary had nothing to do with that. She looked great at his funeral.  Get the point folks?  The utter disgrace which is the DNC  will surely welcome Pope Francis tomorrow.  Socialists love their own.

Don’t Write Off Trump

I know the news for Trump has been awful and as usual all of his own making.  A couple of recent national polls has him losing to the African Queen by significant if not overwhelming margins. Republican leaders stay clear of their probable nominee.  No Republican of note will be speaking at Trump's Coronation.  Indeed, I wonder if Donald plans to enter the convention hall on a fake gold throne being carried by black men.  Anyway,polls show nearly 70% of Americans can't stand the putz so you would think he is toast.  Maybe not

First what happened in England can happen hear.  Thinking Hillary is a sure bet those who dislike Trump will still vote for him as a form of protest.  Voters did that in England and look at the results.  But perhaps the biggest wake up I recently received was while driving my grandkids to their summer camp the homes along the way displayed many Trump yard signs.  No other candidate was represented.  There is a core vote that will come out for Trump.  Probably not enough to offset the edge of the African Queen in the black and Latino vote but it will be significant.  This election will be a lot closer than anyone thinks right now.  The hatred of Hillary Clinton by so many people will make this a very unpredictable November.

The African Queen

Well folks Hillary got what she wanted all her vulgar life.  She is now the first woman to be nominated for president largely owing to her getting a huge percentage of the African American vote in southern states.  Indeed, without the huge majorities she racked up in the deep south during the primaries Bernie Sanders would probably have had a very good chance of being the nominee. So as all post menstrual woman celebrate one of their own being in line for the Oval Office they should recognize how Hillary got here. And of course the other big factor is the reluctance of the black female attorney general backed by the black President not charging Hillary with criminal activity because of her email. Yes folks the new Evita of American politics owes her existence and nomination to black Americans. She is the African Queen.  

The Trump Press Conference

I happened to catch the Trump press conference yesterday and was just amazed on several different levels.  First and foremost is that the man is a lunatic.  Putting him in the Oval Office would be a calamity for the nation and the world. I don't know why Hillary is just not outright calling him insane because he is most certainly mentally deranged. All that being said I was very amused at the way the press took umbrage at his remarks about their dishonestly.  They were indignant in comments after the event.  How ironic since it was the press and the media that has brought this lunatic to where he is today.  They loved him when he created great copy for them.  They kissed his disgusting fat ass.  They never asked him the hard questions.  The press is getting exactly what they deserve!!! 

However there was one aspect of the presser that I loved.  It was when Trump insulted Bill Kristol.  If anyone is worthy of being insulted it's this putrid man.  Kristol is trying to get a third party candidate to run in the election because he hates Trump.  Fair enough but Kristol is whistling in the wind.  As Trump pointed out the man is a loser.  He has been WRONG about everything and is a major LOSER.

Hillary is a disgusting person

Lots of attention has been focused on Donald Trump being a horrible vulgarian and all that is true.  However in my opinion Hillary Clinton is a truly disgusting excuse for a human being.  She is cynical ambitious bitch who only keeps herself alive so she can be president.  She desperately wants to be the first woman to occupy the Oval Office.  To that end she will sacrifice the truth anytime she deems necessary.  Yes Trump lies but usually about stupid things.  However, Hillary lies just as much and never blinks an eye.  As this video shows the woman has no shame.