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Hey Fat Slob You are a Loser!!!

The Fat Slob of the Garden State must be feeling blue these days.  He was the first Republican to back Crazy Donald.  He hoped he would be picked for Vice President and got passed over but he still continued to pick up Trump's dry cleaning hoping for Attorney General.  He must be feeling pretty depressed now that Trump is imploding and may end up in an institution and not the Oval Office.  Poor Fat Slob.  He has no prospects.  LOL Oh wait the Bridgegate trials start next month!!!  Maybe prison???  We can only hope.

The Fat Slob is Jilted

The Fat Slob (aka Chris Christie) desperately wanted to be Trump's VP.  He did all but wipe Trump's ass (and perhaps he even did that) in his desire to be on the ticket.  Alas it didn't pay dividends since Trump went with the religious nut from Indiana.  Reports suggest that the Fat Slob is crushed that being Trump's manservant failed to produce the nomination.  Even his runs to McDonald's to procure the orange haired creep burgers and fries was not enough.  Honestly folks it gives me great pleasure to know that The Fat Slob is despondent about not getting picked. He is one of the most disgusting people on the planet and deserves all the humiliation that is available.  I'm sure he now hopes he can be attorney general.  That's a laugh!!!  First Trump would have to win and that isn't going to happen.  And even if Trump did pull it off there is a chance that The Fat Slob will be in jail.  More Bridgegate  stuff will soon be coming out.  Also what happened to the Slob's cell phone from that time period which has suddenly gone missing??  Yesterday's Christie's buddy who was his personal pick for Port Authority Chairman pleaded guilty to corruption charges and faces a couple of years in the slammer.  Can't wait until the Fat Slob gets what he really deserves.  

RIP Fat Slob’s Career

Regular readers are aware of my total contempt for the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey, aka Chris Christie.  Even when he was riding high in the polls based on his phony persona of a tell it like it is politician I warned readers about how horrible he really was.  A poor excuse for a human being.  The world seemed to come around to my point of view after the "Bridgegate" caper in which aides of the Fat Slob closed lanes of the George Washington Bridge in political retribution to the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing the reelection bid of the fat pig.

Most recently The Slob has been front and center for kissing the ass of Donald Trump.  He has become a laughing stock for his homage to the vulgarian of all times. Well a poll was released yesterday that reported that Christie has hit an all-time low in approval rating in New Jersey.  The once high flying blimp now has a 64% disapproval rating.  Among Democrats in New Jersey 86% disapprove.  In short the people of New Jersey have finally caught on to the fat fraud whose political career is now over.  Great news!!!!

Put a fork in the Fat Slob – He’s done!!!!!

On this Super Tuesday there are many things political to write about.  The very real possibility that Republican primary voters will tonight affirm that a would be fascist dictator will be their nominee is of course the big breaking news.  However, I prefer to use this blog this morning to take a victory lap concerning my favorite topic for scorn for many years now -Chris Christie- better known to readers as the Fat Slob.

Even when the Fat Slob was riding high in opinion polls I was telling readers that the man was a huge fraud.  That he was a disingenuous creep of a politician that had no core values and whose ambition was limitless and he didn't care who he would take down or insult to further his goals of eventually being president of the United States. He was a bully who went after teachers and union members in order to build up his credentials in the GOP.  Indeed, I deemed the Fat Slob to be a very dangerous fellow.  I went to one of his many town hall meetings in New Jersey and concluded that he was a force to be reckoned with.  He was great in those settings that were totally staged for his political benefit. I also came away with a strong feeling that the Fat Slob was a deranged would be mobster and that too many people were ignoring his personality problems.

Then of course came Super Storm Sandy and Christie used it to his political advantage acting out a role that he really cared about the common folk when all he was really doing was playing to the cameras. His act played well and he managed to win reelection in a landslide.  But his victory soon was tarnished by the Bridgegate scandal which began to shed light on what the Fat Slob was really like. Still blinded by his ambition and mental derangement he believed he could still be president and he headed to New Hampshire for six months of hard campaigning while totally ignoring the needs of the voters here in New Jersey that reelected him.  After virtually living in New Hampshire for six months he finished with a pathetic 6% of the vote.  The people of New Hampshire saw through his act.

Of course he has one moment of glory in the debate in which he was able to embarrass Marco Rubio who he evidently hates.  Maybe that's because Rubio has class which is something the Fat Slob will never have.  Last Friday the Fat Slob who couldn't stand being out to the limelight endorsed Donald Trump after belittling the obnoxious billionaire for most of the primary season.  He made the national news and the Slob was supposedly relevant again.  After the endorsement Trump on a hot mike was heard telling the Fat Slob to "get on a plane and go home".. Wow that was great!!! The prop was no longer needed.  Subsequently Trump refused to disavow the KKK which left Christie to explain on a morning show this Sunday why he was still supporting Trump.  He was a deer in the headlights and the usual slick talker made a fool of himself.  His appearance was deemed a "train wreck".  I loved every minute of it!!

Of course Christie was playing for Vice President or a Cabinet post.  He needs a job.  However, it is less likely with each passing day that Trump will ever become president.  Moreover, Christie has so soiled his reputation that it's doubtful he could ever get confirmed for a Cabinet position.  As recently pointed out in another blog, "Trump has rendered Christie an isolated pathetic object of scorn"  About time the rest of the world starting seeing it my way!!

The Fat Slob is Repulsive

Of all the candidates running for the Republican nomination the most repulsive is the inept governor of my home state the illustrious Chris Christie who is better known as the FAT SLOB.  This man really thinks that by ignoring the people of New Jersey since his re-election and by being out of the state 60% of 2015 he can secure a serious place in the GOP nomination fight.  Mainly he has been living in New Hampshire doing his famous town hall meetings and as usual lying through this teeth.  I must admit though that I attended one of his meetings here in Jersey and he is very good at lying.  Anyway the repulsive whale now has a 60% disapproval rating in the Garden State but still his massive ego convinces him that he is a viable presidential candidate.  

Yesterday was the final straw for me and prompted me to write this post when he blasted Senator Marco Rubio for missing Senate votes.  What nerve!!!  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!! Well perhaps it's just as well that the Fat Slob is out of state where it will be more difficult for him to orchestrate political vendettas like closing lanes of the George Washington Bridge where traffic got so bad kids missed school and one woman died of a heart attack. Really folks this man is a disgrace but I'm sure he will end up as a Fox News commentator once this presidential quest of his is over.  

The Big Snow Job

It was supposed to be the snow storm that would make history.  It was the blizzard of all blizzards bearing down on the northeast.  You could not put on your TV without listening to some “weather expert” warn people that this was a serious situation and that the end of the world was surely near.  The dire forecasts of snow armageddon prompted politicians in the tri-state area to hold press conferences extolling the public to hunker down.

Indeed, the idiot mayor of NYC decided to shut down the city as of last night.  No subways, and nobody allowed on the roads.  All bridges and tunnels into NYC was shut as of last night.  The city went into lock down.  The weather people said the city could get as much as THREE FEET of snow.

Here in New Jersey there were similar forecasts.  I went to bed last night with the feeling that this “huge snow storm” was being over hyped by a media that loves to scare the crap out of people and by politicians that like to appear before the camera.  This morning when I awakened I looked out at my driveway and just laughed.  Maybe there is four inches of snow.  Then I turned on the TV (and yes we still had power) and watched the fools still reporting on the great storm.

These morons were very reluctant to give snow totals since their projections were so off base.  Bottom line is that NYC got at most 8 inches of snow.  Meanwhile the city is still shut down by no transport.  Business will lose millions of dollars because folks can’t get to work and some of these folks will not get paid.  The panic induced by the media relative to this non-event is an utter disgrace but you won’t hear any apologies from the loud mouth news reporters.  The bottom line is that it’s January in the northeast and we get snow.  In this particular case it was a snow job caused by the media and publicity seeking politicians. .

The Fat Slob’s fat will soon be in the fire

It seems that before too long things are going to get very interesting for the Fat Slob.  The Feds have commissioned a grand jury to investigate the various charges against Christie and his cronies in both the Bridgegate fiasco and it appears the misuse of Sandy relief funds. Of course the sociopath governor of New Jersey still proclaims his innocence in any of the events leading up to the grand jury investigation and he cites the report by HIS lawyers clearing him of any wrong doing.  But as pointed out by the NY Times his lawyers refuse to release the backup data for that report including the claimed 70 interviews that helped persuade them that Christie did no wrong.  Regular readers know that I was on to the Fat Slob before all the scandal broke and his popularity was riding high.  He was always a phony, bully and thug in my opinion.  Now a grand jury which has the power to bring CRIMINAL indictments will hear the evidence.  I got a feeling that before too long the Fat Slob’s fat will be in the fire.