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This Week In The Mob

What will this week bring in tales of the mob in the White House?  Even while the Asshole-in-Chief is playing the role in the Middle East more reports surfaced yesterday that Trump tried to influence and strong arm more people to squelch the Russian investigation.  Trump is soooooooooo smart he is convicting himself by his own words. Can't wait till he gest back stateside.  BTW folks Dump is now qualifying as a fat slob.  Caught a glimpse of his stomach will sitting on a chair.  Lots of overhang there.    

The Person of Interest

Last Friday we learned that investigators have determined that "a person of interest" in the Russia probe is an insider in the White House.  This insider also worked in the Trump campaign.  You don't have think very hard to determine that this person is Jared Kushner the no-good scumbag son-in-law of the president.  Trump loves him because Ivanka loves him.  Remember Trump wanted to date his daughter!!!  This sick bunch is running the White House.  Stay tuned this soap opera has just entered a new season.

Magic Mike

In Trump world Magic Mike reigns supreme.  Of course I'm referring to Michael Flynn who more and more seems to be at the center of the current controversies.  For my part I always thought that Magic Mike was a sinister character and the very sight of him chilled me to the bone.  Then there was the way he led the "lock her up" chants during the campaign.  Well above all else Magic Mike loved money and I mean there was big money being stuffed in his G-string. While he was getting paid off  by Turkey he recommended a military position that would favor his benefactors.  And he got it!!!  Today Flynn is still a White House favorite.  He's a "real good guy"  Sort of that Goodfellas right?  Magic Mike is in hiding these days.  At an undisclosed location. Maybe he's in the witness protection program?  He is key.  He knows the money trail between Putin and Trump. Yes folks he is Magic Mike.

He Must Go

Nothing is left of the Trump presidency.  It is finished.  Trump has proven to be a mentally unbalanced man who should not be trusted with the most powerful office in the world.  His very presence in the Oval Office is a threat to mankind.  Republicans must come to realize that he must be removed from office or they will be consigned to the dust bin of history.  This is a matter of life and death for our republic.  

Perjury is not important anymore

Having taken part in numerous trials and depositions I was always warned by lawyers about the dangers of committing perjury and the harsh penalties that would ensue if I did.  Too bad " the governmental elite" is not subject to those penalties. For instance Hillary Clinton clearly committed perjury on many occasions with no consequences.  Sure she lost the election but she's not in jail. Now Jeff Sessions without doubt committed perjury before a Senate committee and will likely remain in office and not in jail.  Two standards folks one for politicians and one for us little people.

Thank you Obama and Staffers

The last days of the Obama administration resemble the final moments of Pompeii. Throughout the executive branch, officials hurried to gather up information and store it away against the towering threat of deliberate ignorance glowering on the horizon. Scientists frantically copied climate data while other officials worked to save democracy itself. The information they smuggled out before the ash rained down shows that the connections between the Trump team and Russia were even more numerous than expected. Stay tuned folks!!!!

Insane Wall Street

Having spent all my working life analyzing the financial markets I must admit to being completely baffled by how the stock market keeps rising to new highs in the age of Trump.  Yesterday the Dow Industrials managed to gain more than 300 points following the lunatics' speech to Congress.  I guess the barons of finance appreciated the fact that he wasn't hauled away with a net over his head.  Folks don't buy into this silly market froth.  Sell!!!  When the shit hits the fan the market will collapse.