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The End of Trump Is Near

It may not happen as soon as many of us want but be assured that the era of Trump is very nearly over.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a real turning point when FBI director Comey testifies before Congress and says there is not one shed of evidence that Trump was wiretapped by President Obama.  Of course Trump will still insist that he was the target of a scheme to wiretap him despite all evidence to the contrary. The man is mentally ill and exceptionally delusionary.  Yesterday I spent a good part of the day watching a six part documentary on the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler and it was stunning to see the same character flaws and mental illness of both men.  Hitler was delusionary and could never admit he was wrong about anything right up to the end in the bunker when he blamed the German people for losing the war. Hitler hated the Jews and it seems that Trump hates everyone who refuses to kiss his fat ass. Hitler was rash and impulsive.  Does that sound familiar?

What disturbs me the most is the way many in the media refuse to say that Trump is mentally deranged.  Yes some do but the majority of the media refrains from telling the truth about a man who is a threat to the entire globe.  In the end I'm confident that Trump will go one way or another.  Maybe not tomorrow, but the end is near.  

A Pathological Liar

Trump can't help himself. They'd have to break his fingers on both hands to keep him from Tweeting his paranoid ideations at 4 am. Do people really understand what it means that we're dealing with a Pathological Liar? He truly can't refrain from telling the lie even when he knows he'll be caught. Consequences do not figure into Trump's lies – he has no ability to foresee consequences of his behavior. Pathological means that it's behavior that is compulsive – he can't RESIST lying. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. They tell lies even when they don't have to. There is no cure that I'm aware of short of 5 years of psychotherapy and we don't have time to fix this guy – he was broken when we got him

The Ides of March

A seer told Caesar to beware the Ides of March.  He didn't listen and was killed by the Senate in a famous coup.  This year Republicans in the Senate seem to be lining up against the current monarch.  GOP Senators seems to be falling over themselves in an attempt to get to the microphone to denounce Trump on health care and more importantly Russia.  The shift is beginning to occur.  The Trump shit head knows he's in trouble when he plants that phony tax return story that HE likely leaked as a diversion to what is really going on.  Beware the Ides of March shit head!!!!

KellyAnne and the Microwave

It's really been hard to post lately because the current level  of outrageously bad political scripts is just too overwhelming.  I dare to say that this political malaise affects many of my readers as well.  Trump is a dangerously mentally ill man who walks around with the nuclear codes. He is mentally unstable to say the least.  He is surrounded by creeps that have created a new level of .  Steve Bannon is a dark and ominous figure of Biblical proportions. This Steven Miller character is a mirror image of many Nazi Youth leaders.  Its' a horror and hard to writ about..

Still there is always Kellyanne to give you a laugh.  I love Kellyanne.  She must be on heavy duty meds.  It's hard to comprehend  things like the" Bowling Green" massacre and alternative facts but I'm sure we can all attest to Ms. Conway's latest claim that Obama was spying on Trump through the microwave in his apartment.  Aren't we all afraid that our microwaves are spying  on us. I think it's time for Ms. Conway to appear on TV wearing a tin foil hat!!! Beam me up Scottie!!! 

Perjury is not important anymore

Having taken part in numerous trials and depositions I was always warned by lawyers about the dangers of committing perjury and the harsh penalties that would ensue if I did.  Too bad " the governmental elite" is not subject to those penalties. For instance Hillary Clinton clearly committed perjury on many occasions with no consequences.  Sure she lost the election but she's not in jail. Now Jeff Sessions without doubt committed perjury before a Senate committee and will likely remain in office and not in jail.  Two standards folks one for politicians and one for us little people.

Thank you Obama and Staffers

The last days of the Obama administration resemble the final moments of Pompeii. Throughout the executive branch, officials hurried to gather up information and store it away against the towering threat of deliberate ignorance glowering on the horizon. Scientists frantically copied climate data while other officials worked to save democracy itself. The information they smuggled out before the ash rained down shows that the connections between the Trump team and Russia were even more numerous than expected. Stay tuned folks!!!!

Insane Wall Street

Having spent all my working life analyzing the financial markets I must admit to being completely baffled by how the stock market keeps rising to new highs in the age of Trump.  Yesterday the Dow Industrials managed to gain more than 300 points following the lunatics' speech to Congress.  I guess the barons of finance appreciated the fact that he wasn't hauled away with a net over his head.  Folks don't buy into this silly market froth.  Sell!!!  When the shit hits the fan the market will collapse.