Kathy Griffin

I never cared much for Kathy Griffin.  I found her crass and vulgar and not very funny,  However, the amount of crap she is taking from the right wing media over her image of holding Dump's bloody cut-off head is way over the top.  First off it was meant as a joke.  Clearly it was over the top but in today's world that is very relative.  Perhaps all the howling right wing nuts have forgotten the images of Obama with a noose around his neck or the pictures of the Obama family as a bunch of chimps.  Where was the outrage from Sean Hannity on those tasteless forays in political "humor"?  Moreover, the real danger today is the lunatic in the White House.  I believe he is a criminal on so many levels that it's hard to even mention them all.  So please right wing idiots spare us the outrage over a silly picture.  

Fart Friday

The world is such a mess that I have decided to dedicate several of my old man farts today to various public figures.  The first recipient will be Hillary Clinton.  I hope this fart is replete with the Mexican food I ate last night.  Hillary is a disgusting bitch sore loser.  She is blaming everyone but her incompetent self for losing to the likes of Trump.  And speaking of the devil he gets fart number two for once again showing the world that America elected a moron thug as president.  He loves the attention.  He is so sick.  I won't waste keystrokes on commenting on the climate thing.  Just insane.  Finally, instead of a fart I want to dedicate my next bowel movement to Jared Kushner because he is the most repellent shit head in Trump world right now.


A new word has appeared in our lexicon thanks to the ravings of an increasingly rotund mad man at midnight.  The "mot du jour" is COVFEFE.  Finally Donald Trump has contributed to the language by adding a new word.  Bravo.  Now any reader after really dwelling on this strange happening could sleep soundly at night escapes me.  I'm scared shitless.  This is a flipped out bully roaming the halls of the White House late at night attempting to tweet something. And to boot he carries the nuclear code.  He is beyond help.  Even his wife didn't stay with him after her tour of world.  

The Thug Presidency

Donald Trump is a thug.  Always was and a minority of the American people fell for his con.  It's truly hard to find the words to express just how revolting I find Trump.  He is a creature from hell and he deserves everything I suspect he will get.  And just another note:  Jared Kushner is a huge scumbag. 

This Week In The Mob

What will this week bring in tales of the mob in the White House?  Even while the Asshole-in-Chief is playing the role in the Middle East more reports surfaced yesterday that Trump tried to influence and strong arm more people to squelch the Russian investigation.  Trump is soooooooooo smart he is convicting himself by his own words. Can't wait till he gest back stateside.  BTW folks Dump is now qualifying as a fat slob.  Caught a glimpse of his stomach will sitting on a chair.  Lots of overhang there.    

The Person of Interest

Last Friday we learned that investigators have determined that "a person of interest" in the Russia probe is an insider in the White House.  This insider also worked in the Trump campaign.  You don't have think very hard to determine that this person is Jared Kushner the no-good scumbag son-in-law of the president.  Trump loves him because Ivanka loves him.  Remember Trump wanted to date his daughter!!!  This sick bunch is running the White House.  Stay tuned this soap opera has just entered a new season.

Magic Mike

In Trump world Magic Mike reigns supreme.  Of course I'm referring to Michael Flynn who more and more seems to be at the center of the current controversies.  For my part I always thought that Magic Mike was a sinister character and the very sight of him chilled me to the bone.  Then there was the way he led the "lock her up" chants during the campaign.  Well above all else Magic Mike loved money and I mean there was big money being stuffed in his G-string. While he was getting paid off  by Turkey he recommended a military position that would favor his benefactors.  And he got it!!!  Today Flynn is still a White House favorite.  He's a "real good guy"  Sort of that Goodfellas right?  Magic Mike is in hiding these days.  At an undisclosed location. Maybe he's in the witness protection program?  He is key.  He knows the money trail between Putin and Trump. Yes folks he is Magic Mike.