The Great Performer

Love him or hate him you have to admit that Trump is a great performer.  He knows his audience with rare political instinct and he usually pulls it off.  Last night he gave a super performance.  He is learning well to read a telepromter of a speech written by other people.  His goal last night was to look presidential and he achieved that objective.  The soap opera continues.

The Day After Pill

If the November 8, 2016 Presidential election were re-run on the 9th the results would have been much more decisive.  Although vast armies of voters hated Hillary they would have voted for her if they even remotely believed that Donald Trump would actually be elected.  Talk about the Russians all you want and they probably did play some role in electing the horror that is now president.  However, it's my strongly held view that Trump was not taken seriously owing to the media talking up the inevitability of a Clinton win.  Indeed, the conventional wisdom held that she could win in a "landslide".  This widely held view resulted in many protest votes for third party candidates that were instrumental in swinging three key states to Trump ( Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania).  Too bad there wasn't a day after pill for this election!!! 

Not My President

Today is President's Day when the nation honors the many honorable and good men who have led our nation.  Let one thing be clear!!!  Donald Trump will never be one of those to be honored.  First of all he is not a legitimate president.  More than likely his pals in the Kremlin fixed the election so he could sit his fat disgusting ass in the Oval Office.  Additionally while he may have won the electoral college owing to about 70000 uneducated cretins in three states that voted for him because they hated Hillary.  Meanwhile the Trump Monster lost the popular vote by a staggering 3 million votes.  Since assuming office Dump has caused more chaos in four weeks than any other president in history.  He is a danger to the world fabricating lies seemingly with every breath he takes.  He is an outrage of Biblical proportions and I can only wish that the hand of God strikes him down before his madness kills many innocent people!!!  He will never be my President!!!!

Impeach Now!!!!


Which is worse, Watergate robbery or Russian collusion? In 1972 the Washington Post made us aware that the Nixon campaign had broken into the DNC headquarters in the Watergate complex ostensibly to photograph campaign information.  This ultimately became considered the worst political scandal in the 20th century and led to many of Nixon's staff going to jail and Nixon himself resigning his office.

Today the Washington Post is making us aware that the Trump campaign did in fact collude with Russia for the purpose of helping him defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign.  Not only has the Post proven that Trumps political campaign worked with the Russian's before his election , they have also presented us with evidence that members of his staff actually contacted the Russian's after winning the election and telling them not to worry about sanction's that President Obama had imposed on them, saying that President Trump's administration would take care of that after they take office.

I ask you which offense is worse?  In 1972 a country that had just elected a president by one of the largest margins ever went absolutely ballistic over the revelation that the man they had just voted into office had actually resorted to robbery to improve his chances to win.  Now we have a man as president that actually lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes who we are now presented with evidence that he actually resorted to what arguably could be called treason with our country's biggest adversary for the same purpose!  Where is the public outrage?  If Watergate was the biggest scandal of the 20th century can there be any doubt that this is the biggest scandal of the 21st century?   


Perhaps the reason for the quiet response thus far is because we all realize that the damage has already been done.  Even if we impeach President Trump, we will be left with Mike Pence and the worst set of cabinet members in our history to deal with at least for the next four years.  I think the attitude of many people is, why bother?


If we could pass a law that says that if it is proven that a President is elected through illegal means and is impeached for that offense, then a new election would be held and the people would decide if they would rather be governed by the current Vice President or the losing party's candidate, then I suspect people would feel there is a reason to bother.  But even without such a law I do not feel we should let President Trump get away with his illegal actions.  I would rather put up with a weak replacement administration than let the world know that we condone such actions.


More Dangerous than Ever

To be sure for those of us who disdain Donald Trump we got a temporary high last night when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a lower court in staying Trumps executive order ban on Muslims.  These days anything that slaps down this autocratic lunatic is cause for rejoicing.  Still you have to look beyond the court decision to realize the repercussions.  Trump is a lunatic.  Mentally unbalanced and his reaction to the decision was of course a tweet that was done in ALL CAPS.  He is pissed that he wasn't given free license to be a king.  What I fear is that he will now stage a "terrorist" attack that he will claim is a result of the courts not backing up his executive orders.  He will then use the attack to seek more power and possibly even declare martial law.  So folks enjoy the slap in his face for a few hours but beware the next few weeks.

Long Live the Resistance

Been difficult to write the past few days because my sense of depression concerning Trump related atrocities just seems to overwhelm me.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this malaise since every reasonable person that I talk with has the same feelings.  Never before in my experience has there been such fear and loathing concerning a US President as there is toward Trump.  To be sure, he in reality is not the president since it's becoming increasingly clear that white supremist and neo-Nazi  Steve Bannon is the de facto commander in chief.  Bannon is as dangerous a person that has ever been in the oval office.  He is determined in my view to turn our country into a police state.  Then we have KellyAnne Con Artist who goes around just making shit up.  Why the media even interviews this disgusting vile woman just boggles my mind.  Too bad she wasn't a victim in the Bowling Green massacre.  Indeed the media is hugely complicit in what is now going on in the country.  They should not be giving liars like Conway any opportunity to poison the air waves with their outrageous crap.  Anyway folks it's very encouraging to see so many Americans taking to the streets in protest of Trump policies.  We must keep up the pressure. Long live the resistance to tyranny.  

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio – Major Assholes

The Republican Party is replete with obnoxious buffoons.  Of course the leader of the pack is the most obnoxious person on the planet.  Guess who?  However, this morning I would like to focus on two GOPers that really instill feelings of rage for me.  Number one is Paul Ryan (aka Eddie Munster) who once was touted as an economic genesis and the hope of the Party.  The truth is Ryan is an economic moron and his best ability these days is providing Trump with the toilet paper.  Those shots of Ryan smiling as the Punk signs bills make me sick.  If there ever was an empty suit it's Paul Ryan but while we are on the subject of empty suits let us not forget Marco Rubio. During hearings for Tillerston the junior Senator from Florida made a big deal of pressuring the Secretary of State designee about Putin.  This led some to conclude the Rubio would actually vote against Tillerston in committee thereby sending a negative recommendation to the full Senate.  While some thought that Rubio actually has balls and would follow his conviction and vote NO, I never bought it.  Rubio is a piece of shit conniving politician who serves only himself.  He and Ryan are two major assholes.  '