Republican Traitors

Lately I have been recalling the days of junior high school when every week we had air raid drills which involved hiding under our desks or going out into the halls  facing walls all in a ridiculous effort to save our asses from a Russian nuclear attack. The dreaded Red Menace.  I remember when I was in high school and was wondering if the Russians would nuke us during the Cuban Missile crisis.  I was storing food and water in the basement of my house in the Bronx.  Then there was Vietnam when I was drafted to fight the commies in Vietnam.  Little did I envision in that in my old age the Russians would succeed in conquering us without even firing a shot.  All they needed was Donald Trump and the current band of traitorous Republicans who value their political  standing and MONEY way more than their country.  I hope all these scum bags burn in hell for their treason!!! 

North Korean Nonsense

All this fuss about North Korea is just another example of media hype.  How horrible that we may have to live in a world where a small country will have nuclear delivery capability!!!  I sort of remember living during the Cold War when the Soviet Union had hundreds of ICBM's targeted on New York alone.  Some how we survived.  The answer was offering a defensive strategy to mitigate the risk.  The same can be said for North Korea.  Of course the big risk is having Dump involved in the process.  

The Country has gone mad

I suspect there is reason to believe that as a country the USA has gone mad.  To that end a fish stinks from the head down so President Dump is the chief of madness.  Nothing is beyond or beneath him.  No moral compass.  Completely devoid of reason.  This is our president that now was face down another lunatic from North Korea.  We are in deep shit folks!!!! The fact that we let Dump continue in office for one more day is testimony to the madness of the general public. 

Has he no shame????

I've been sort of quiet lately owing to my complete disdain for the idiot who is president but also for both political parties.  It's hard to be patriotic this fourth of July with this bunch in in control.  Therefore it's been tough to post since the entire political atmosphere has this surreal feeling.  However, you can always count on the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey to shake me up and send me to the key board.  Currently NJ is in the midst of a budget crisis which has been made much worse because of the Fat Slob.  With no budget in place the state has had to shut  parks and beaches for the important holiday weekend.  This includes Liberty State Park which is home to the Statue of Liberty.   With the public unable to get to the beach that is home to the Slob's beach home this horrendous excuse for a human being has the nerve to sun his fat body on the beach along with his ugly family.  To be sure until the photo of him sunning himself like a beached whale surfaced he had denied being on the beach!!!!  The Slob's approval rating in the state is now at 16% and after this caper heading even lower.  He is a disgusting lackey ass kisser who is destined to be Dump's butt boy before too long.  This is man who had no hesitation in closing the George Washington Bridge in an act of political vengeance.  It cost lives!!!  Folks died of heart attacks and EMT's could not get to them in time.  Now the Fat Slob is perfectly willing to see aides like Bridget Kelly take the fall and go to jail.

I must remind readers that even when the Slob was riding high I warned folks about his character.  I have been proven correct more than I could have imagined.!!! The man has no shame!!!!

The Final Days

As we slide into summer there is a disease in the United States that threatens to totally wreck the country.  The USA is now the laughing stock of the world.  Ask anyone who travels abroad about what the world is saying.  They think the USA has lost its mind and they are probably right.  To be sure, President Dump is a threat to humanity.  A lunatic in charge of the nuclear codes!!  The man who cannot tell the truth.  He lies with impunity and the really sad thing is that there are fools that believe in him.  That rally last night in Iowa was surreal.  Dump is their "dear leader". The Iowa rally was pure out of the fascist playbook. Dump declared once that he could be seen on tape shooting someone and his base would still love him.  These supporters are brain dead and its disturbing to know we share the same country.  

And speaking of brain dead who can be worse than the Democrats.  They are losers pure and simple.  Nancy Pelosi is a relic who should step down. Democrats need new leadership to replace the ancient regime of losers who supposedly speak for the party.  They DO exist.  I see them on TV all the time.  Pelosi MUST GO.  It's not enough to come close in elections.  Democrats must prove they can win by standing for SOMETHING not just opposing Dump.  This guy Ossoff down in Georgia was a horrible candidate.  A better candidate could beaten that fat ugly woman.  

Anyway folks things are pretty bleak.  No use sugar coating it any longer.  These could be the final days of our country. Happy Summer!!!

Dump’s Taxes

President Dump looks terrible these days.  He's contorted and confused.  He knows they are closing in on him and the focus of the investigations will center on money.  Money is very important to Dump and so is his "rich guy" image that he flaunts to the unwashed masses of his base.  You can be sure that with money in focus investigators will want to look at Dump's tax returns.  You know the ones he has refused to release.  I bet this has Dump in a real tizzy.  I suspect the returns will show that Dump is worth far less than he claims and that he is in debt to Russian banks.  Can't wait. Maybe he will have a stroke?  We can only hope.

Fat Slob Update

Long time readers of this blog are aware of my total contempt for Chris Christie who is known here as the FAT SLOB.  Yesterday a poll was released that showed his approval rating in New Jersey is now at an all time low of 15%.  More than 80% of Garden State voters disapprove of him  I am proud to say that even when the Fat Slob was the toast of the town and had soaring approval numbers I said the man was a sleaze and a phony.  I feel very vindicated.  Indeed, the 15% approval is the lowest of any governor in the 50 states!!!  The Fat Slob is so toxic even Dump didn't want any part of him in the most corrupt administration in history.  Still the Fat Slob has seemingly avoided jail for his past actions in closing lanes of the GW Bridge.  Instead, in true Fat Slob character he is letting his staff take the hits. The Fat Slob is a disgusting disgrace.